Mountainview Park
Starting point: E Mc Cormick/Hayden

This is a round trip of 5.2 miles. The ride is paved and flat except for two underpasses, there are no streets to cross .

Limited street parking is available around McCormick Pkwy and Hayden Ave.
There are a few options for food and beverages at Hayden Ave just after you pass Lake Marguerite.

Enter the bike path off McCormick and go right

the path is green from one end to the other

it is on the edge of the McCormick ranch golf course

and runs along it and some apartments for nearly a mile

after the water ends the golf course comes close to the path

and the rough areas

finally back to a grassy section

after which you go left

and through this underpass

as you exit the underpass this area that may be dry

proceed around it and you will see lake marguerite

follow it for about a 0.3 mile

to hayden Ave where there are some refreshement options

follow the path to the left paralell to Hayden for a few blocks

where it you will take the left fork

through the underpass

once on the other side

continue 0.4 miles under the bridge

until you come to another fork in the path

go left

to Mountainview Park