Tempe Town Lake (north bank)
Starting point: McKellips Lake Park

This is a round trip of 4 miles if you turn around at the Marina or 6.6 miles round trip to the tempe arts center. The ride is paved and flat except for underpasses, there are no streets to cross .

Limited street parking is available in the lot in front of the lake on McKellips Rd.
There are a few options for food and beverages just off the path at the small shopping center on Scottsdale.

the path runs between the lake and e mckellips rd

go to the left and the underpass at the edge of the park

as you exit the underpass bear right

follow this for a couple hundred feet

where you go left before the wall

follow the path alongside

golf course

until you come to the underpass at curry rd

on the other side the path joins

one at Rio salado park

go right and follow it

towards and below the red mountain freeway

where you will reach the north bank path

continue along the lake

eventually this path will drop down & join a lower one

which takes you right next to the water

until you reach the marina

which has a variety of water related amenities

this ride has been 2 miles and is a good turnaround spot

but if you want to continue follow the path

along the lake as it comes to a series of bridges

the first two are mills Ave

the next ones are for the railroad

the last is for bikes & pedestrians

cross this bridge and you will reach the arts center turn around