Tempe Town Lake (South Bank)
Starting point: Mc Clintock near the Tempe Marketplace

This is a round trip of 4.2 miles. It is paved and flat except for a short distance around the Beach Park, There are no streets to cross after you reach the path.

The shopping center has dozens of retailers and parking

Cross McClintock & Go to the right after you reach the path

go left when you get to the water

continue on for a little more than a mile

until you reach this cutback down to the lower path

at the bottom go left

and through the underpass below Scottsdale Blvd

follow the low road

until it rejoins the upper path near Sun Devil Stadium

follow this path

until you reach the gravel section straight ahead

the paved section goes down to the water then back up

where we arrive at Tempe Beach Park

not a lot of sand but plently of lawn

the amenities here include boat rentals

continue along the water to the left

until you arrive at the Tempe Center for the Arts

which is the turn around spot for the ride